12 Luglio, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #4 – The world of recycling

Hi there, here again is our sustainable news! This time, we’re revealing the secrets of the recycling chain and all you need to know about the recycling process. It’s technical stuff but we’ve done our best to present the global recycling stream in a clear and understandable way! We certainly had questions. If you do […]

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9 Luglio, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #3 – Sustainable materials

In this new edition, we’re looking at one of the main pillars of sustainability which is of course the material used to produce packaging. As you will discover, some of the common ideas about green packaging might be challenged here. And if you’d like to know more about this topic, just send us an email […]

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21 Giugno, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #2 – The 4 pillars @ Pont Packaging

Every strong strategy is developed on robust pillars, wisely chosen. In this dynamic presentation you will discover the 4 pillars that are supporting our sustainable program. These key elements guide every stage of any product development at Pont. As always, if you have any question, we are here to answer them, don’t hesitate to drop […]

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9 Giugno, 2020

Get the Grip on Green – Introduction to sustainable packaging

Welcome to our new series of articles & presentation on sustainable packaging. In this first issue, you will discover what sustainability means to us and our approach towards green packaging. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. Click to read Get the Grip on Green

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1 Giugno, 2020


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A causa della rapida evoluzione della sostenibilità nel settore degli imballaggi, nonché delle differenze locali nei processi e nella legislazione in materia di riciclaggio, le informazioni fornite in questo documento sono solo a scopo informativo.
Ti consigliamo di controllare l’aggiornamento delle normative locali.